Coming of Angels The Sequel

Once upon a time there were three Angels… They were young, they were beautiful, and when the occasion called for it, they were the most torrid sexual sleuths ever created! You see the Angels ran a detective agency that specialized in the most intimate and provocative undercover investigations imaginable! From mean streets to satin sheets, Read more about Coming of Angels The Sequel[…]

St. X Where 2: The Hospital

If you got laid up at the original St.X-Where you know to expect when you check into this hotter bolder raunchier St.X-Where II: the hospital.”All the elements for an arousing climaxing uplifting cure are at your bedside. Watch your temperature rise when nurses like Keisha, Britt Morgan &Lauren Canyon work their special brand of sexual Read more about St. X Where 2: The Hospital[…]

Raunch # 8

Michael Carpenter, the bad boy of porn, is back with his standard weak-on-story-but-scorching-hot-sex romp with a brand new covergirl, lovely Dyanna Lauren. She tries to be petite and polite and polished. But when Carpenter’s done getting her ‘warmed up’, she’s an animal! And she’s got the nastiest sluts in the biz right behind her! Like Read more about Raunch # 8[…]